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Mobile Apps and Cloud Services. Cutting Edge Technologies.

We grew with the evolution of mobile technologies, internet of things and cloud-based services. We have extensive experience in pioneering early internet devices, mobile communication technologies, mobile apps, web apps and hybrid cloud service management.

Extended R&D Teams. Dedicated Teams. SkunkWorks.

We can act as your extended R&D team or special project team or dedicated team. The engagement model can be flexible to suit the stage of your business development and objectives.

Intellectual Property Rights. Going the Extra Distance. Startup Culture.

We had been working with early stage companies as well as mature companies incubating new ideas. Rest assured that we will meet your expectations of quality execution, delivery and support.

Mobile Visual Search. Cloud Based Recognition, Fast Imaging Algorithm.

memLens is a real time 2D mobile visual match solution. Principal component analysis, Feature extraction, Fourier transform for spectral representation, Color histograms, Gray scale spatial pools, Canny edge detection. [PDF]

Mobile Interactions. Omnichannel Advertising, Call to Action Metrics.

Admetry helps marketers augment their omnichannel advertising with a mobile centric approach. Cloud based Admetry solution provides tracking and metrics for specific calls to action attached to their marketing messages. [PDF]

Shelf and Digital Signage. SaaS, Mobile Interactions, Call to Action Metrics.

miSignageLink is a SaaS solution for moving content through signage to consumer devices and for measuring the reach and loop closure. Software components span across cloud content management system, display devices, media players, mobile phones and desktops. [PDF]

Live Video Streaming. Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to Cloud.

miLiveVideo is SIP-based live video streaming technology with full duplex audio which lets you share your moments during a mobile-to-mobile phone call. Live stream is also routed to the cloud for online web audience. [PDF]

Cloud based CPD Solution. HTML5, Hybrid Mobile/Tablet client.

The comprehensive Continuous Professional Development solution addresses the Medical professionals to record their CPD activities on a day to day basis. [www]

Mobile Interactions. Connected Consumers, EHR, Call to action.

miHealthCare solution is built on unified communications framework to connect health care givers with the consumers. Access to the cloud solution is enabled across a range of familiar devices such as mobile phones, personal computers, browsers and home devices. [PDF]

Mobile Interactions. Omnichannel Advertising, Call to Action Analytics.

miBusinessLink is a mobile commerce solution with unified communication for connecting businesses with their end customers. It facilitates businesses to engage with their customers at their point of presence such as mobile phones, desktops, Internet enabled devices, interactive TV, printed displays, digital signage and so on. [PDF]

Hybrid Cloud Provisioning. Cloud Asset Management, Customer Portal.

Software for building Hybrid Cloud infrastructure featuring automatic cloud provisioning and monitoring solution for the cloud resources. Comprehensive inventory management solution for complete products offerings. [PDF]

Automated SIP Testing Tool. Conformance to RFC Standards, Simulate SIP Call flows.

miTester for SIP is an automated SIP testing tool designed and developed to take care of the complex pre-deployment testing of SIP applications effectively. This SIP testing tool can be used to simulate SIP call-flows & automate functional, regressionand fault injection tests. [www]

Zero Defect Software Delivery

Experience, processes and tools for testing mobile software for Zero defect delivery. Zero defect delivery was key to ensure success of handsets when OTA updates were still not prevalent. Our experience and home grown tools resulted in releasing an automation framework for SIP. [PDF]

Warehouse vehicle tracking. HTML5, Location Map, Remote Vehicle Management.

A web based solution for tracking the manual and automated forklifts within the warehouse which includes a Map showing the current position of vechiles. [PDF]

Document Management. Perl MVC framework, Apple acquired P A Semi.

A portal to manage the technical documentation for PA Semi products. [PDF]

Real Time IP Communications Stacks for Mobile Devices

SIP, IMS and OMA IM, Presence and XDMs stacks for mobile handsets to deliver applications such as VoIP, Push-To-Talk, Push-To-Show, Voice Call Continuity and components to address network latency issues in real time communications such as jitter buffers. [PDF]


Product lifecycle support for a silicon valley company for their OMA IMPS product line. Responsibilities - build stacks for evolving protocol versions, deliver to major handset manufacturers / mobile software integrators; technical support for training and integration; participate in OMA standards track meetings, interoperability test events; technical biz dev support for new customer acquisitions across the globe. [PDF]

Fax over Internet. Image Transcoding, Analog-to-Digital Hardware design.

Webramp 300fx is an Analog router, enable sending Fax over internet without changing the user behaviour. Fax can be sent over e-mail or in near real time if the other end of the fax has the same hardware attached. [PDF]

IoE / IoT / M2M

Control Everything from Your Mobile.

Mobax built Mobile Application Exchange - a framework for the machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. It was an innovative concept to facilitate remote control of things (manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, transportation systems, home automation, etc.) using mobile devices during 1999-2002. This was enabled by the emerging convergence of wireless technologies and the Internet. [PDF]

Remote Interface for Digital Camera. Reverse Engineering I/O protocol, Embedded Web Server.

Establish communication with the given digital camera to operate and control it over Internet, using a standard web browser. An embedded web server was used to provide a remote interface to the digital camera (Year 1998). [PDF]